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Norefjell has Northern Europe’s largest altitude difference – 1,010 metres – sun-drenched slopes and a fantastic view of the Krøderfjord. It is also famous for having some of Norway’s longest slopes, with trails suitable for beginners and experts alike. You can ski around the entire resort on our gentle, blue slopes, or test your skills on our black trails. Whichever you choose, you can enjoy the impressive vertical drop in its entirety.

Our magnificent slopes combined with all our various facilities make Norefjell a winter amusement park for the whole family.

Our snowmaking equipment covers much of the slopes, and we can almost guarantee snow coverage from mid December to mid April. 

Norefjell – fun skiing for the whole family

Alpintkart Norefjell


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Our lifts

Norefjellheisen (A) Closed
Vinkelheisen (B) Closed
Turistheisen (C) Closed
Tilbringerheisen (D) Closed
Fjellheisen (E) Closed
Tosetern (F) Closed
Fjellekspressen (G) Closed
Ravnåsheisen (H) Closed
Knerten (I) Closed
Bøseterheisen (J) Closed
Olaheisen (K) Closed
Nedre Bøseterheis (L) Closed
Hotellheisen (M) Closed
Myggen (N) Closed
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Our trails

1. Gamleveien Closed
2. Kryllingen Closed
3. Kryllingen nedre Closed
4. Terrengparken Closed
5. Nore øvre Closed
6. Nore midtre Closed
7. Nore nedre Closed
8. OL øvre Closed
9. OL nedre Closed
10. Trekanten Closed
11. Vinkelheisløypa Closed
12. Ola Closed
13. Knerten Closed
14. Bråtavolden Closed
15. Toseterløypa Closed
16. Traversen Closed
17. Fjellheisløypa Closed
18. Gamle tosetern Closed
19. Panoramabakken Closed
20. Skivei 20 Closed
21. Skivei 21 Closed
22. Utsikten Closed
23. Ravnås Closed
24. Ravnåseggen Closed
25. Skivei 25 Closed
26. Bøseterveien Closed
27. Østre Bøseter Closed
28. Bøseterbakken Closed
29. Nedre Bøseter Closed
30. Hotellbakken Closed
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Vi kjører beltebil i snøen 😃 Det er akkurat litt for lite snø til å kjøre rulle til langrennsspor, men håper på det i morgen allerede 🤞Gode priser på @norefjellskiogspa i helgen!
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