Booking policy ski products

1. Terms for ski passes
1.1. Before making a final order, you should read and familiarize yourself with important information about the product in question. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the purchase is in accordance with their own wishes. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the information in the confirmation (only late as e-mail) is in accordance with the order.
You can also register and log in as a user via social login (Facebook and Google). When you register using Facebook or Google, you will be able to log in to your account with the email you are registered with on these services. You can change your personal information at any time by logging in to My page”
All guests should follow the Covid infection advice and should not be present in the area in case of symptoms of respiratory infection. Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the site.
1.2. When you buy a ski pass online, you can buy this with or without a Keycard. If you buy a ski pass with an existing Keycard, your ticket will be activated on the first pass in the ski lift. If you have purchased a new Keycard online, this can be picked up at the destination.
If the ski resort has QR / barcode readers in the ski lift, the ticket can be downloaded to your smartphone (for offline use) and used for direct access.
If the ski resort has a pick-up box for ski passes, the QR / barcode can be used to pick up your tickets. If the ski resort does not have this, you can go to the ski shop or ticket office.
1.3. After correctly completing the online payment, you will receive a receipt by e-mail. This receipt will contain all details of your purchase and can be brought to the ski resort.
The order has not been completed and is not valid in the following cases:
- The customer has not received an e-mail with a receipt with confirmation / reference number.
- Card payment is canceled for various reasons and payment fails.
- The payment is not completed or completed incorrectly so that the amount is not deducted from the account.
1.4. We use a payment solution from Nets AS - Netaxept. Third parties will not have access to your personal information Netaxept and use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when transferring personal information. SSL creates a secure (encrypted) connection between your machine and Netaxept. In this way, the information can be transferred securely without unauthorized persons being able to read it along the way.
1.5. When buying a ski pass there is no right to cancel or refund (cf. the Right of Withdrawal Act, Chapter 6 §22 letter m). This also applies to packages and campaigns that contain date-fixed ski passes or date-fixed events.
1.6. There will be an administration fee of NOK 200,- if you forget, loose, have booked the wrong date or use the wrong Keycard and want to fix this.
1.7. If taxes and / or fees change, and thus lead to a cost increase for the provider after the order has been completed and paid, the price can be increased accordingly for the customer. The price change must be notified to the customer immediately.
1.8. We reserve the right to make any publishing or proofreading errors on websites and other printed information about the offers that the provider mediates.
1.9. Guests are asked to contact the provider if it has anything to fault the ordered arrangement. If the guest and provider are unable to negotiate an agreement, any dispute regarding a previously entered into agreement must be resolved in a local court.
1.10. In the event of an interruption of operation - ie in the event of a lift stop and / or when more than 50% of the total trail offer at the time of purchase cannot be used - the cardholder is entitled to a proportionate refund for the time the ski pass cannot be used. The interruption of operation must be of at least 30 minutes duration and the sum of the interruptions of operation must be more than 1/3 of the validity of the ski pass. No refunds will be given for the purchase of day passes or hourly passes.
1.11 (Force Majeure). Both parties have the right to withdraw from the agreement if the event cannot be carried out as a result of acts of war, natural disasters or labor market conflicts. Prolonged interruptions in water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events that neither party has been able to anticipate or influence.
In the event of an interruption of operation that is beyond the ski resort's control, the reimbursement shall correspond to 50% of the proportional reimbursement to which the cardholder is entitled in accordance with the preceding paragraph. This applies to operational interruptions as a result of, for example, weather and wind conditions, lack of snow, landslides, lightning strikes, floods, fires, power outages, strikes, public law bans or injunctions, pandemics, etc. and which constitute conditions which the plant could not reasonably expect to take into account at the time of purchase. It is up to the plant to document that the outage is due to such conditions and that the plant has not had the opportunity to avoid or overcome the consequences of these.
The above provision does not apply if the facility is open more than 1/3 of the season. If the facility is closed - for example due to lack of snow - more than 1/3 of the season's total number of ski days, the cardholder can demand a proportionate refund for the time the season pass cannot be used. The cardholder is not entitled to the full purchase price. A possible refund claim is limited to 50% of the ski pass purchase price, regardless of the time of purchase. The refund shall correspond to 50% of the proportionate share of the time the ski pass cannot be used, ie the value of the ski pass divided by the number of days in the season. This "day rate" is decisive for the size of the reimbursement claim. Any refund claims can not be settled until after the season has ended. Until the end of the season, the plant owner can consequently reject any reimbursement claims.

2. Terms for ski rental
2.1. Valid identification is mandatory when renting equipment. This also applies to pre-booked and paid equipment.
2.2. Alpine skiing can be easily confused. Remember what the skis look like and where you place your skis. It is not permitted to transfer, rent or sell rented equipment.
2.3. Equipment should only be used on marked and groomed trails. Damage to the equipment during other use must be compensated.
2.4. The rental place is not responsible for theft of the equipment. During the rental period, the customer is responsible for the equipment. The cost of lost equipment is minimum NOK 2500,- and our insurance does not cover theft/lost equipment. 
2.5. The rental place is not responsible for personal injuries caused to the customer, property or third party during the rental period.
2.6. Money will not be refunded for canceled rent unless there is a written doctor's statement.
2.7. The equipment must be returned to the rental place when the rental period ends.
2.8. It is the customer's responsibility to approve the equipment before use.
2.9. The customer is aware that the binding on alpine skis is of the release type. This reduces the risk of injury, but is no guarantee of safety. On snowboards there are no releasable bindings.
2.10. Norefjell Ski Resort will keep 10 % of the amount paid (a minimum of NOK 350,-) if the ski rental is cancelled minimum 7 days before the rental starts. Norefjell Ski Resort will pay back the amount within 14 days. 
2.11. Norefjell Ski Resort will keep 100 % of the amount paid if the amount is less than NOK 350,-.
2.12. Norefjell Ski Resort will keep 100 % of the amount paid if the rental is cancelled 0-7 days before the rental starts. 

3. Terms for ski school
3.1. All payment is paid before the start, online or over the counter in the ski rental at Skistua or Norefjell Ski & Spa.
3.2. If canceled 48 hours before the start of the lesson, the full amount will be refunded minus a fee of NOK 195,-.
3.3. If canceled on the same day a doctor's claim is required, the full amount will be refunded minus a fee of NOK 195,-.
3.4. Group courses at Norefjell: A) Meeting places for group courses are at the bottom of the hotel lift in Bøseter B) Group courses require a minimum of three (3) participants. For two (2) registered, we offer one hour per day and for one registered we offer an discounted alternative.
3.5. Private lessons at Norefjell A) Meeting place for private lessons is agreed with the ski school booking. You can arrange Bøseter (Norefjell Ski & Spa), Skistua or Norefri. B) Private lessons, regardless of duration, can be booked online.
3.6. You have to be 4 years or older to attend a group course, we have the right to remove participants that are younger than 4 years without any refund.

4. Ski security (in cooperation with Alpinanleggenes Landsforening, ALF)
4.1. It is important that you wear a helmet, show consideration for other skiers and snowboarders and follow the rules of skiing. It should be safe to ski with us, and that means that everyone have responsibility for their own riding.
4.2. Responsibility to avoid injury: You must behave so that you do not injure yourself or others.
4.3. Adjust the speed according to the conditions: You must ride in a controlled manner, adjust the speed and riding style according to skill, terrain, riding conditions and traffic.
4.4. If you come from behind (from above), you are responsible for avoiding a collision.
4.5. It is forbidden to rid straight downhill except for during organized training. If you ride past another skier or snowboarder, you must give him or her sufficient space for both controlled and uncontrolled movements.
4.6. If you ride into or turn upwards on a descent, you must ensure that this happens without danger to yourself or others. The same applies to riding after a stop.
4.7. Do not stop/sit in cramped places.
4.8. If you are on foot, you must only use the outer edges of the hill.
4.9. Ski stoppers/straps are mandatory. Always make sure that the bindings are set correctly.
4.10. Follow all signs, markings and instructions.
4.11. In the event of injuries, everyone has a duty to help. Witnesses and participants are obliged to state personal details. Alpine skiing is associated with a certain danger, therefore show caution. Drugs and skiing do not go together. Violation of the disc rules may result in expulsion from the ski resort.