Nore Rein

Did you know there are reindeer at Norefjell? One of these reindeer is our mascot Nore Rein. He was born at Ravnås, which is one of the most spectacular places at Norefjell, and he has lived at Norefjell all of his life.

Nore Rein is the children's favorite at Norefjell, he loves to go skiing with the children and play outside in the snow. Throughout the winter you can meet Nore in the ski slopes, at Skistua and at Norefjell Ski & Spa. His favorite ski slopes at Norefjell are definitely the children areas and he even arranges his own ski races and after-skis for children.   

Nore Rein's Weekly Activity Program

Nore Rein has his own activity program during the ski season. Let the children meet Nore and join activities such as children's after-ski. All of these activities are free and requires no sign up.

Monday at 14 - Meet Nore Rein at Hotellheisen

Tuesday at 14 - Go skiing with Nore Rein in Nedre Bøseter

Wednesday at 14 - Children's afterski with Nore Rein in Nedre Bøseter

Thursday at 14 - Children's afterski with Nore Rein in Nedre Bøseter

Saturday at 14 - Meet Nore Rein outside of Skistua

The hunt for Nore Rein

Do you want to find the Nore Rein figures located in the ski resort? Come by our ski shops at Norefjell Ski & Spa or Skistua to collect a treasure map and let the hunt begin.