Ski school

Skiing is a fun and great activity to learn together. For the kids it is important to have fun while they learn to ski and the ski school is a great opportunity to make new friends. Our ski school consists of highly skilled ski instructors that love to spread the joy of skiing and make you the best possible skier.

Nothing is more fun for a ski instructor than to see how much progress and joy can be created with some well chosen advice and simple technique training. Our ski school offers both private lessons and group courses in alpine skiing. We also offers private lessons in cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

Private lessons - 2021/2022

Book a private lesson for yourself or with the whole family. The lesson is planned in consultation with the ski instructor and adapted to your ambition. All you need is a desire to get better, and we will help you with the rest. 

There are two different meeting places for private courses: Norefjell Ski & Spa and Skistua. You will choose your skill level later in the booking process. 

Do you want to book a private lesson for cross country, snowboard or Telemark? Send a request to [email protected]

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Group courses - 2021/2022

All of our courses start on Mondays and take place at Norefjell Ski & Spa. Ordinary group courses require a minimum of three participants. For two registered, we offer 45 minutes per day, and for only one registered, we offer a discounted alternative. Norefjell Ski School reserves the right to merge groups if there are too few participants. 

Information about the white ski school group: If you book a white ski school group, you must be there from the start on Monday. It is not possible to start on Tuesday (unless you have completed a private lesson on Monday).

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  • Booking a ski school for children aged 3 or below is not recommended. We point out that children at this age can cancel after a short period of time. You still have to pay for the whole lesson.
  • Children and adults learn at different paces. We recommend that you book separately.
  • Feel free to let us know if the participant has any special needs, it makes it easier for us to create the best experience. Parents should keep in mind that children should show up to the course with energy and food in their stomachs.

Ski equipment and ski passes are not included in the prices and must ready before the course starts. Children below the age of 7 do not need a ski pass.   

Please contact [email protected] for questions regarding the ski school.