Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Norefjell Ski Resort, accommodation at Norefjell and much more.

Norefjell Ski Resort
  • What is the opening hours? Our opening hours are always updated at
  • Do you have an app? Yes, you can download the Norefjell-app here
  • Where can I see the status for which slopes and lifts that are open/closed? See the front page at or for updated status
  • How many slopes and lifts is it at Norefjell? It is 30 slopes and 14 lifts at Norefjell, see our ski map for more information 
  • How often is the slopes groomed? Our slopes is groomed every night
  • Do you have a terrain park? Yes, we have two terrain parks. One of them is close to Skistua and one is at Bøseter
  • Some of the slopes and lifts are closed, what is the reason for this? Some of our slopes and lifts might have to close due to weather conditions or technical difficulties
  • Will my ski pass be refunded if slopes and lifts are closed due to weather conditions or technical difficulties? Ski passes are not refundable, see our booking policy for more information
  • Is it a toll road at Norefjell? Yes, you have to drive at a toll road to get to Norefjell. You can see more information about the toll road here
  • How do I book a stay at Norfjellstua? You can book online at
  • How do I book a stay at Mountain Lodge? You can book online at
  • I have booked a stay at Norefjellstua, where do I park? Each apartment have one parking lot outside the apartment building, if you need more parking spots you can park at Skistua
  • Where can I dispose of the trash after my stay at Norefjellstua? We have containers for trash at Skistua
  • Where is the nearest grocery store? Kiwi Noresund or Spar Noresund is the nearest grocery stores
  • Where is the nearest hospital/emergency room? Ringerike legevakt in Hønefoss is the nearest hospital/emergency room, they can be contacted at +47 116117
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