Privacy policy and terms of use

1. The website and its terms
1.1 This website is owned and operated by Norefjell Ski Resort.
1.2 These terms (the "Terms of use") apply to your use of the Website. By having access to, visiting and using the website, you agree to the terms and conditions of the website in force at any time.
1.3 Users undertake not to violate Norwegian law when using the website.

2. Changing the website and terms of use
2.1 Norefjell Ski Resort will make changes to the website to improve the user experience.
2.2 Norefjell Ski Resort reserves the right, without prior notice, to make the improvements, changes, additions or removal of information on the website that is deemed necessary. Furthermore, Norefjell Ski Resort reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use. By continuing to use the website after such changes have been published, you accept the changes.

3. Intellectual property rights
3.1 All content on the website is owned, unless otherwise stated, by Norefjell Ski Resort.
3.2 The content of the website is in all respects protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property provisions. Users are in no case given the right to use the content of the website in any other way than in accordance with the terms of use.
3.3 Unless otherwise stated, reproduction, publication, processing, transmission, storage or other use of the content on the website requires prior written approval from Norefjell Ski Resort. Exceptions are made for random storage on dates or printing for special personal use.
3.4 The actual use of the trademark and logos that appear on the website, requires Norefjell Ski Resort or other affected licensees' prior written consent.

4. Hyperlinks
4.1 Norefjell Ski Resorts's website may contain hyperlinks to websites that are owned and provided by third parties. The use of such links means that you leave Norefjell Skisenter's website.
4.2 Norefjell Ski Resort does not in any case have control over the design of, or may affect the content of, websites provided by third parties.
4.3 The fact that Norefjell Ski Resort offers such links does not mean that Norefjell Ski Center is behind the information, product or service offered via hyperlinks.
4.4 As Norefjell Ski Resort is not responsible for the handling and privacy of your personal information on these pages, Norefjell Ski Resort recommends that you read the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the website. Use of third party sites is at the user's sole risk.

5. Content on the website created by the users
5.1 Norefjell Ski Resort may give users of the website the opportunity to publish or upload content on the website.
5.2 By uploading, publishing or otherwise creating content on the website, you help to create content on the website for which you bear full responsibility, and for which you as a user can be held responsible.
5.3 Users undertake to indemnify Norefjell Skisenter, and confirm that published content does not infringe third party rights such as copyright etc. Norefjell Ski resort does not in any way take responsibility for content created by the website's users.
5.4 Norefjell Ski Resort reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove in whole or in part such content created by the users of the website, and which there is a risk that in whole or in part is contrary to Norwegian law, or which Norefjell Ski Resort considers inconvenient, offensive, vulgar, insignificant or indecent, or which in any other way may cause harm to Norefjell Ski Resort or its partners.
5.5 Norefjell Ski Resort reserves the right to implement further measures to prevent abuse and other harmful acts.
5.6 The users own the rights to the material, but give Norefjell Ski Resort a global, and time-limited right to freely and without costs and restrictions, to use the material published on the website.

6. Limitation of liability
6.1 Norefjell Ski Resort makes no guarantees regarding the function or availability of the website. 
6.2 Norefjell Ski Resort also does not guarantee that the information available on the website is correct or complete. This includes information about products, services and offers as well as other information as stated on the website.
6.3 Norefjell Ski Resort is neither responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the website, nor information on the website, to the extent that such responsibility does not follow from prescriptive legislation.

7. Use and handling of cookies
7.1 Norefjell Ski Resort uses cookies to simplify the use of its website.
7.2 A cookie is a small text-based data file that a web server may request to be stored on a website visitor's hard drive. The cookie helps to recognize the type of content and which pages are visited on our website. Information stored using a cookie can be how the user uses the website, what type of browser the user uses and which websites the user has visited. The cookie enables Norefjell Ski Resort to improve your visit to its website.
7.3 A permanent cookie remains on the user's computer for a specified period of time. A session cookie is stored randomly in the computer's memory while the visitor is inside a website. The session cookie disappears when the user closes his browser. Norefjell Ski RResort uses both permanent cookies and session cookies. Norefjell Ski Resort may also use third-party cookies.
7.4 If the user does not want to allow cookies, the user can choose to change the settings for the user's browser so that cookies are not accepted. If the user does not accept cookies, this may affect the website's functionality.

8. Handling of personal information
8.1 Norefjell Ski Resort handles your personal information in accordance with the Norwegian Act on the processing of personal data, and safeguards the personal integrity in the handling of your personal data.
8.2 By using Norefjell Resort's website, you accept that Norefjell Ski Resort actively collects, handles, stores and uses, and in other ways processes your personal information so that Norefjell Ski Resort and partner companies can offer the products and services offered via Norefjell Ski Resorts's website.
8.3 For persons under 18 years of age, the guardian's consent is required for registration and handling of personal data. By agreeing to these terms, you confirm that you are either over 18 years of age or that your guardian agrees that Norefjell Resort stores and handles your personal information in accordance with these terms. Norefjell Ski Resort reserves the right to have the consent verified.
8.4 Norefjell Ski Resort wishes to ensure good customer care and good maintenance of our customer register. We use an approved provider who automatically retrieves and updates your personal data from the national register.
8.5 Mail marketing does not require a consent if there is an existing customer relationship and the mail address of the customer is obtained in connection with a sale. The marketing will only relate to Norefjell Ski Resort's own goods and services in which the customer relationship is based. The customer will at any given time have the possibility to unsubscribe from this marketing.
8.6 Norefjell Ski Resort can engage subcontractors to perform a number of functions such as website marketing and technical services. These subcontractors may in certain cases have access to the user's personal information if this is necessary in order to be able to carry out an assignment for Norefjell Ski Resort. Norefjell Ski Resort processes all personal data with the utmost care and subcontractors may only use the personal data to carry out assignments for Norefjell Ski Resort. The subcontractors have no right to store personal information and have no right to use it in any other way than to carry out their assignment for Norefjell Ski Resort.
8.7 The user agrees that the personal information about the user is stored and used in the manner and purposes stated in sections 8.1 - 8.5.
8.8 The user agrees that information / registration information is used to identify the user with regard to the target group for marketing purposes. The user also agrees that such information may be disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes. Such disclosure of information will always be anonymized.
8.9 The user has the right, upon written application to Norefjell Ski Resort, to receive information about what personal information is registered about the user. The user may request that any incorrect personal information will be corrected. The user can also apply to have the personal information deleted. Such an application is submitted to Norefjell's booking department by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

9. Security on the website
9.1 Norefjell Ski Resort, as well as our partner companies will use the information you provide for transactions on the website. Such information includes credit and debit card information as well as addresses for deliveries and invoices.
9.2 Norefjell Ski Resort takes all reasonable steps to protect the information you provide in this area in connection with transactions. Norefjell Ski Resort does not guarantee the security of the information you provide.


1. Introduction
We at Norefjell Ski Resort/Norefjell Ski & Spa process your personal information in various contexts, for example when you order services from us, stay overnight at our hotels, use services we provide and in some other contexts. In our privacy statement you will find more information about our processing of personal data. Below you will also find contact information if you have questions or want to request access. We process your personal data in accordance with the Norwegian Personal Data Act in force at any given time, including the GDPR.

2. Data controller for your personal data
Our company Norefjell Ski & Spa, org number 992303670, Bøseter, 3543 Noresund, tel. 004732148200, email: [email protected] / [email protected] is responsible for the processing of personal data in our systems for booking, invoicing and hotel operations. We are also responsible for processing our marketing and sending emails from us to our customers and contacts.

3. Processing of personal data related to booking and stay
In connection with your bookings made by yourself or by others on your behalf, we process the personal information we need for us to be able to fulfill the agreement on booking and purchase of services. This is information you have given us directly or which you have given us via a travel agency or agent. For example, we process information about your identity, your contact information and your payment information. In some cases, we will store your passport number. In addition, we process other information you may have given us that is relevant to your stay with us. This can be information about allergies or about special wishes for your stay. We register all purchases and orders you make with us to provide our services and for you to be able to pay for them. We process this information for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the booking agreement with you, and in addition for as long as applicable legislation or government orders impose this on us. We log the use of key cards at our hotels. We do this to combat and solve crime, and for security reasons, including fire safety. If you sign up for our newsletter, we store and use your email address to send you news and offers from us. We will also use your e-mail address or telephone number to send you news and offers within existing customer relationship rules or legitimate interests. Our basis is marketing legislation. We will contact you on social media after your consent or within existing customer relationships. In order to use social media as a communication channel, we must provide your e-mail address or telephone number to the social media. Our basis for this is consent or legitimate interests. You can withdraw the consent you have given us at any time.

4. Processing of personal data for development, troubleshooting and security
We will process data that includes personal information to troubleshoot and correct errors, improve our services and the technology we use, and to analyze usage and user behavior. Furthermore, we will process personal data to verify your identity, including verifying identity in connection with your use of our digital services. We anonymize data or compile statistics as far as we can, but will also have to process personal data for development, troubleshooting, statistics and security purposes.

5. Processing of personal data in general
If you contact our customer service or otherwise contact us with inquiries, we will process personal information you provide as far as is necessary to answer and log your inquiry. The basis for this is legitimate interests or to fulfill agreements with you or answer your inquiries. In addition to the processing described in our privacy statement or based on your consent, we will in some cases have to or be able to process personal data when applicable legislation, including the Personal Data Act and GDPR, valid government order or court imposes or allows us to do so.

6. Disclosure of personal data and statutory processing
We do not disclose your personal information to third parties, unless you have consented to this, or unless applicable law, including the Personal Data Act and the GDPR, valid government order or court allows us or imposes this on us. For the sake of clarity, we state that our use of a data processor to process information on our behalf is not considered disclosure.

7. Your rights
You have several rights according to the personal data regulations. You have the right to demand access, correction or deletion of the personal data we process about you. You also have the right to demand limited processing, direct objections to the processing and demand the right to data portability. We will ask you to confirm your identity or provide additional information before we allow you to exercise your rights against us. We must do this to ensure that we only give access to your personal information to you and not to anyone who pretends to be you.

8. Privacy agent
Norefjell Ski & Spa is part of Strawberry. Strawberry has its own privacy representative. The privacy officer is an agent for all hotels affiliated with Strawberry, including us. The privacy agent is our contact point for the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Our agent gives all hotels in Strawberry, our data processors and our employees advice and guidance on the processing of personal data and the rules for this. The agent works to check our compliance with the rules for personal data and our internal guidelines. Our agent can also help you safeguard your rights, or help you get answers to questions about your personal information with us. You can contact our privacy representative at [email protected]. If you believe that our processing of personal data does not comply with what we have described here or that we in other ways violate the privacy legislation, then you can alternatively complain to the Data Inspectorate in Norway, or the supervisory authority in the country you live in hotels. how to contact the Data Inspectorate on the Data Inspectorate's website.

9. Cookies
We use cookies to improve the user experience of our websites. A cookie is a small text-based data file that is placed on your device (your smartphone, computer or tablet, for example). The cookie helps to recognize the type of content and which pages are visited on our website. Information stored using a cookie can be how you use the website, what type of browser you use and which websites you have visited. A permanent cookie is left on your equipment for a certain period of time. A session cookie is stored randomly in the memory of your equipment while you are on our website. The session cookie disappears when you close your browser. We use both permanent cookies and session cookies. If you do not want our website to place cookies on your equipment, you can turn off cookies in your browser. If you turn off cookies, the functionality of our websites will be reduced.

10. Personalization of stays with us
Norefjell Ski & Spa wants to offer our customers the best possible hotel stay adapted to the individual guest's preferences and purchase history. We will, based on legitimate interests, use information we have received from you about your preferences for rooms (for example, "window to the sea" "want quiet rooms") and information about your purchases with us ("sparkling water" rather than "still water"). ») To offer you a customized stay. This information is collected based on your purchases with us and the wishes you express to our employees. In addition, we will sometimes collect information about you from open sources such as the internet and social media, limited to information relevant to offer you a personalized stay with us. The basis for this is legitimate interests. The information will not be disclosed to others. You can reserve against our use of your information to personalize your stay. You can do this by sending an email to [email protected] / [email protected].

11. Changes in privacy statement or in processing
We work continuously with the development and improvement of our services to our customers. This may change the way or scope of our processing of personal data. The information we provide through this privacy statement will therefore be adjusted and updated at irregular intervals. We will also change the privacy statement when new rules or government practices make it necessary.