Flot udsigt fra ravnås

Toll Road


It is easy to pay for the toll road through  Autopay. Here you simply insert your licence plate number.

To not get a fine, you will have to pay 48 hours or linger before passing through the toll road gates.

You must pay for each time you pass through, unless you have paid for a yearly access. Each passage through the toll road gate costs NOK 60.

You can also create a user and add your credit card. Then the card will be charged each time you pass through the toll gate. More information


Yearly access

The yearly access card and the toll gate will this season be removed. From now on, the passing cars will be registered automatically through the licence plate.

If you still wish to purchase a yearly access card for the toll road gate, you can purchase it through onepark.no

NB! You can register up tp two cars per user.   


If you have any questions regarding the toll road or payment, please call Onepark on telephone nr: +47 22 84 92 00 or on their website online kundeservice