Safe booking

We have updated our booking policy for a limited period of time. We have done this to give our guests an extra layer of safety. This updated booking policy only applies to accommodation.

Bookings from 01.11.2020 to 18.04.2022

We will return the payment if the guest cancel the stay earlier than 20 days before arrival minus a fee of 500 NOK per unit. If you cancel less than 20 days before arrival we will not refund any money. We will not refund the remaining nights if you check out earlier than expected. 

Change of date or unit for your stay must be done at least 20 days before arrival when the stay was booked more than 25 days before arrival. If the stay is booked 20-0 days before arrival all changes must be done written maximum five days after the booking took place. In all of these cases there will be a fee of 200 NOK.

The customer is responsible for their own, relevant insurance premiums that apply to travel and customer/rental conditions. For example, travel and leisure insurance as well as travel and liability insurance.

All cancelations must be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

We will refund the full amount if there will be any travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

See our ordinary booking policy here