Information for our guests

Norefjell Ski Resort - How does Covid-19 impact the ski resort?

In cooperation with Alpinaleggenes Landsforening (ALF), FHI and the authorities we have tried our best to explain how we are going to make this ski season as safe as possible. 

We will do everything we can to make this ski season fell as regular as possible, but it is extremely important that all of our guests follow the advices that have been given and will come up in the near future. 

Below is the main rules for the ski resort. We like to point out that these rules will be subject to changes in line with national directives.


It is very important that you take a stand on the following questions: 

- Am I not feeling well? 

- Am I in quarantine?

If your answer to one of those questions is yes you are not allowed to visit our ski resort.

If not here are the rules we want you to follow: 

- Good hand hygiene.

- Keep at least one meter distance to other guests and staff at all times, we recommend everyone to keep two meter distance.

- Use a face mask in crowded areas.

If you experience symptoms or become ill while visiting our ski resort follow these rules:

- Please travel home as quickly as possible.

- Stay outside or in a private room if possible.

- Do not use public transportation.

- Cover your mouth and nose and keep at lease two meter distance. 


- Due to Covid-19 you are required to buy your ski pass online. 

- You can fill up a Keycard that you already have. If you do not have a Keycard you can buy this on our ski shops or at Norefjell Ski & Spa. You can also buy a Keycard online and pick it up from one of our pick-up boxes in the ski resort. 

- There will be open hatches where you usually buy ski passes, but these will mainly be open to assist if you need help. When purchasing a ski pass, all guests are informed that they must follow the infection control measures and that they must not be present in the area in the event of symptoms of a respiratory infection. 

- Violation of these rules may result in expulsion from the site.


We recommend everyone to do the following:

- Use the ski lift with the same people that you are traveling with. 

- Keep distance to people in the ski lift and generally in the ski resort.

What do we do to help our guests?

- Measures that reduce physical contact with other people.

- We will not fill up the ski lifts actively.


It is not possible to book a group course, but there is possible to book a private lesson. 


Ski rental must be booked online.


Our ski shops are closed until further notice.


Our cafés are closed until further notice, we will have take-away and kiosks available.


We have updated our booking policy for refunds and cancelations. We recommend everyone to follow these rules:

- Follow instructions on email about key pick up.

- Let us know if you feel ill or if there is anything else we should know about. 

This is what we do: 

- We have more strict rules for cleaning and follow the rules given by the authorities. 

- We regularly disinfect points of contact such as door handles, toilets and remotes.

- All of our cabins/apartments will be equipped with hand sanitizer.

We follow the guidelines from Alpinaleggenes Landsforening (ALF) 

Norefjell Ski & Spa - How does Covid-19 impact the hotel

We follow all recommendations, advice and rules given by the Norwegian government in terms of Covid-19. We are always updated and do all the necessary measures.  


To give you a safe stay we are doing several measures at the hotel. However if you are not feeling well, please stay home. You are most welcome back to our hotel when you don't have any symptoms. 


- It is required to wear a face mask.

- Our guests and employees are our biggest priority. This means that we will clean your hotel room once you have checked out. If you will be staying with us for a longer period of time cleaning will be planned directly with the reception or house keeping.

- We regularly clean our hands and use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is available several places throughout the hotel. 

- We regularly clean common areas and contact surfaces. 

- We keep at least two meter distance from each other.

- We always try to form as small a queue as possible, areas with queues is marked up.

- We offer take-away breakfast bags to our guests.

- We will inform you about our routines if you want more information. 

- Nordic Choice Hotels follow the restrictions and advice given by the authorities to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and do our utmost to ensure that it is safe for you as a guest to stay with us.

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