A winter amusement park

Skiing can be so much more than skiing down a hill and then taking the lift up again – and again. At Norefjell, we work to create memorable experiences – our goal is quite simply to be a winter amusement park. That’s why we have placed great emphasis on creating arenas where the whole family can be together to play, interact and develop their skiing skills.

Norefjell – a winter amusement park


Norefjell has three children’s areas with children’s elements, moguls, jumps and much more fun. The children’s areas are laid out in a way that stimulates turning and braking skills, and helps the children develop their abilities.

Norefjell also has two terrain parks. One is located by Bøseter and has two lines with different levels of difficulty and a combination of rails, moguls and jumps. There are also three lines in the central area of the main park: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are also jumps and rails – in addition to ski cross, wallride and other fun elements.

The ski cross area at Norefjell is under the Fjellekspressen and has multiple turns and moguls. Both children and adults love to race playfully down the course. 

We have set up a speedometer at the bottom of the park, where you can measure your speed in a safe environment. Who is the fastest skier in the family? 

If you want to race against time on a course with gates, we have two self-timers. The self-timer at the Tosetern lift is a parallel course, so you can race against a friend and compare your times. Øvre Bøseter only has a solo course. Of course, you can take as many runs as you like to get the best possible time.

There are also forest trails, mogul courses and off-piste slopes outside the area of the ski centre. Experienced skiers can enjoy hours of fun, but remember that it is at your own risk.